An Input Method for the Qt Palmtop Environment

by Markus Gritsch ()

JumpX is a keyboard-like input method for the Qt Palmtop Environment. It uses a layout for the letters which is optimized for one-finger-typing (as is performed with a stylus). You can find more information about the letter arrangement used by JumpX here.

I decided to create my own input method since I found myself spending too much time on correcting the wrong letters recognized by the Handwriting input method.

Give JumpX a try, I think it is quite usable.

Sourcecode Tarball
Binary Package for the iPAQ (cross-compiled as arm-linux, linked against qpe-1.5 from Benjamin Long's ipkg feed) for use with the Familiar Linux ipkg package system. The Default skin is already included - you need nothing else to use JumpX.


Auto Repeat
Doesn't need any explanation.

Shift Lock
When the shift key is tapped once, any subsequent keypress switches the layout back to the lowercase letters after emitting the shiftet letter. By tapping the shift key twice, it gets locked and the keymap stays in the shifted state until shift is tapped again.

By sliding out of the pressed key area while holding the stylus down, the capitalized version of the key is emitted. This is a convenient way for typing single upper case letters. Sliding the space key emitts a backspace. Sliding of a key in the special character area results in the number displayed next to the pressed key when slided horizontally. Sliding these keys vertically gives the shifted character.

The whole keyboard is made up of seven bitmaps. By replacing them, the visual appearance of the input method can be customized completely.

 Installing a Skin
A skin is installed by copying the seven pitmaps of the desired skin into $QPEDIR/pics/jumpx/ which is usually /opt/QtPalmtop/pics/jumpx/ on an iPAQ.

If you have made your own skin, send it to me and I will try to put it on this site.


Have fun!

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